How to describe jewlery

Do you find yourself struggling for the words to describe the jewelry?  My go-to word is always stunning or cute.  Sometimes I'll even go as far as saying it's super cute!   

There are actually many ways to describe the jewelry!  

Some of the generic way to describe the jewelry in a whole might include:  gorgeous, beautiful, trendy, dazzling, awesome, amazing, staple piece, and statement piece

More specificely, when descripting the stone of a piece - common words would be; crackle, opal, beads, UV shimmer, rhinestones, iridescent, iridescent wash, cat's eye/tiger eye, oil spill, moonstone and sandstone

The texture of a piece is important when you cannot see a piece up close or hold it yourself.  Textures include;  hammered, filagree, tassel, acrylic, resin, studded, veined, dot motif, smooth, textured and fringe

There is also a variety of closures of a piece.  Paparazzi has lobster claw clasp, magnetic, no closure(for the stretchy items), snap or hook

The types of a piece are often, dainty, cluster, layered, long, short, medium, and chunky

Metals are important as some are very similiar.  Some metals work together and some not.  Metals of a piece include:  gunmetal, gold, rose gold, brass, copper, shiny, antique copper, copper, and silver

Did you know, there are also ways to describe colors!   Check out the desciptions below for each color of a piece.  Of course there are many more options, I've picked a few of my favorites.


Blue- Cobalt, denim, navy, baby, turquoise, periwinkle, violet, and teal

Red - Ruby, garnet, burgendy, chili, and brick 

Green- Pear, moss, lime, mint, seaform, and emerald

Orange -Cantaloupe, rust, merigold, ginger and tangerine

Brown - Cinnamon, chocolate, tawny, and caramal (hungry yet?)

Pink - Blush, rose, watermelon, Fuscia, flamingo, baby and bubblegum

Purple - Muave, violet, lavender, plum, magenta and lilac

Black - Raven, jet, leather, coal and onyx

White - Frost, eggshell, pearl, powder and cotton


Sometimes the description of a piece can make all the difference in the world! 

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